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Web application development and business application software development by our professional and dedicated team. We provide all types of e-commerce application development, online secure applications, database applications, intranet applications and provides internet business application hosting for small business and enterprise level, further offering your company an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage by using technology in a more productive or effective way than your competitors.

Custom web application development does not have to be expensive. Our business software solution is an efficient method for both industry leaders and small companies to reduce expenses and retain a competitive advantage.

We develop computer software, internet software and intranet software applications for businesses needing to streamline daily business operations. Our solutions help minimize redundancy when dealing with accounting, inventory, management, payroll, and other daily processes. Our software development cycle includes:

1. Discovery Phase
2. Planning Phase
3. Design & Development Phase
4. Acceptance Phase
5. Deployment Phase

We can help you identify technical options to improve business processes as well as design, create, and implement a solution. Our experienced team will find the simplest, most effective programming or application path without sacrificing performance.

HiSoft combines deep technological expertise with a disciplined and flexible methodology to design and implement highly reliable, cost-effective Web-based software applications.

  • Internet software and Intranet software
  • Internet application and business application software development and support
  • Client-Server applications
  • Data warehousing / Data mining / EDI
  • Database programming & conversion (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2, Paradox, OBDC, JDBC)
  • Business application modeling
  • Object, data & process modeling
  • Requirements analysis & definition
  • Existing application enhancements (porting, migration, augmentation, right sizing, and customization)
  • Real-time application development (including embedded applications and hand-held devices)
  • Software testing - systems, integration, installation & acceptance testing
  • Web-based communication & user interface design
  • Application / software in (Java, VB, C/C++, Perl, Python, ASP, JSP, XML and Cold Fusion)
  • Ecommerce software or shopping cart software development
  • User subscription, registration and management (email reply, feedback forms, etc.)
  • Automatic content management, updates and editing
  • User tracking, billing management
  • Usage, performance measurement
  • Revenue reporting, maintaining-reporting log files
  • Project management
  • Custom software solutions

Design Methodology
We follow a systematic and step-by-step methodology for all our software development. In our development methodology we first follow our clients' defined processes and methods, and then incorporate our own internal process steps where ever they are appropriate, with clients' approval. In absence of clients' defined methodologies, we present a draft of methodology to be followed in a project and get approval from our clients.

The main objectives of following a methodology is to make the development cycle as efficient as possible, to complete development within lowest possible cost keeping the highest quality, and to achieve the fastest turn-around. Another important objective is to make future maintenance easier and faster. The development cycle for each and every project is some way unique, depending on clients' requirements and their unique operating environment. Design & development methodology also varies depending on the software, hardware technologies chosen by clients.

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HiSoft is an a Software & Web Development Company and Outsourcing company, with a pool of highly skilled and trained professional working around the globe.  We focus on business applications, Software & Web  Development, Networking Solution, Web Hosting, IT Services and Outsourcing and Application Management.
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