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Web Content Management System

Content Management System built as web content management software for enterprise content management and for web site content management system. Our content management solution is a web based content management system which can be access by a web browser.

As one of the most important factors in the success of your web site is to keep it current. With this goal in mind, Web Crafts has developed a unique and easy-to-use content management system to allow you to easily add, update and manage content on your website through the use of a web browser. There is no need to be familiar with web publishing tools or HTML. You simply enter the information into a browser as you would like it to appear on your website, and you control where and when the information appears.

Whether you are building an online community or an Intranet, one of the most important factors in the success of your website is to keep it current.

Web Crafts Web Content Management System (CMS software) includes the following features:

  • Copy and paste content from any word processing software (like Microsoft Word)

  • Easy-to-use Web based administrative interface

  • Administrative interface is password-protected

  • Content can be scheduled for publication a year in advance

  • Content can be scheduled to expire on a given date, or can be archived

  • You control the placement of current news items on the home page

  • Add your own hypertext links

  • Ability to use selected HTML tags within the content

  • Ability to upload and link images, PDF documents, HTML files

  • Ability to "include" formatted HTML pages

  • Easy integration with a web publishing tool like Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive.

  • Content is stored in a database for easy and fast access

  • Released under the General Public License

  • Online print and user manual with easy-to-follow screen images

Are you looking to get a pre-built Content Management System installed on to your web site to easily manage and maintain your content or wanting a custom solution developed to match only your requirements and features.

Email Newsletters: Faster, Cheaper by making a Content Management News
Your average printed newsletter costs $3.75 per recipient to prepare, print, and mail, and often requires a minimum two-week turnaround time. The email newsletter costs an average of $0.01 per recipient and can be delivered the same day. Customized email newsletters represent an efficient, high-impact, low-cost method to communicate with existing and potential clients, and promote your business, project or website by using a content management news.

Web Crafts Planning News

  • Keep your website fresh with dynamic content

  • Transform your Intranet site into a web portal

  • Keep website visitors and employees well-informed

If you manage a website or intranet site, you know what it takes to keep it updated with new content. Now you can keep your website fresh with dynamically updated content via a custom WebFeed. You can easily display on your website the latest planning and development news headlines and announcements.

A public-interest information exchange for the planning and development community. Provides a daily, one-stop source for urban planning news, announcements, job opportunities, commentary and events. Supported by Web Crafts as our contribution to the planning and development community.

Web Crafts can develop a custom WebFeed to match your information or formatting needs. With the fee-based WebFeed you can:

  • Filter content by geography to match the interests of your target audience.

  • Filter content by topic.

  • Create custom formatting to match the look-and-feel of your website or intranet.

  • Get email technical support to help you integrate the Custom WebFeed into your website or intranet.

Data Collection, Surveys & Reporting: Supporting Planning
Web Crafts survey and reporting system allows information captured by Web forms to be automatically stored in a database for centralized reporting. This eliminates the need to circulate spreadsheets and desktop databases for information exchange where one person has the dreaded task of piecing together inconsistent data formats. Visual preference surveys are becoming a popular tool for engaging the community. We can help you to design, deploy, and track a series of visual preference surveys for your planning project.

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