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Professional Book Cover Design & Professional eBook Cover Design

We offer high-quality professional book cover design service and professional ebook cover design service to get higher sales rates, thought a professional cover for your book/ebook, and to create a favorable and lasting impression on everyone who sees your book.

Our professional design team is composed of professional graphic designers and communication experts, focused on designs that grabs the viewer's attention, make a memorable impact, and encourage him/her to purchase your book or ebook.

HiSoft, professional book cover designing team, creates designs that hold the substance and vision of a brand, while complementing and strengthening all the other aspects of its identity and message. Our team is composed of professional graphic designers and communication experts, focused on a design for a best seller

Please let us know which of the following service you require - we will then take a brief from you to start creating the masterpiece cover design for you. You have the opportunity to give us feedback and assist us in delivering the final cover.

Cover Design Services

Starting Price

Professional Book Cover Design


CD Booklet Design


eBooks / Virtual Book Cover Design


NOTE: Please request a quotation with details in order to obtain an accurate quotation. ** All book covers or ebook covers are designed for your required size.

Time frame need for completion
Approximately 4-7 working days

Delivery of your Professional book Cover Design or Professional ebook cover design
Professional book cover design will be sent via email in a formats suitable for printing purpose. If selected ebooks, in formats suitable for web. You can also request the original artwork file on a CD.

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