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Hosted Spam Solutions

In response to the growing problem of Spam over the years, Loaded has developed an effective hosted solution using the industry’s leading anti-spam software.

Here is how it works.  We simply route you email via our professionally managed anti-spam device sitting in our datacentre.   This can be implemented on your existing email regardless of where it is hosted.  For example it is ideal for offices hosting their own mail on a Microsoft exchange server.  We provide you with a quick no fuss setup and the only fee you pay is a small monthly charge.  In many cases it will not only dramatically reduce you spam but will reduce your overall costs.  Implementing a Loaded anti-spam solution will mean you can do away with those expensive yearly upgrades of Norton/Symantic anti-spam software.

So get on board now and stop pulling your hair from the frustrations of spam.  Email us now on or call us on 1300 LOADED.

How does it work?
The Loaded solution is built on SpamAssassin, a software mail filter which attempts to identify spam using a variety of mechanisms including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.  And to ensure you there is absolutely no mail downtime we have fully redundant server infrastructure.  If one server goes down the next server kicks in.  This is absolutely vital for such an important business function such as email.  Best of all if you office exchange server goes down you won’t loss any mail or have any bounced mail because our spam filter will queue up mail until your system is back on line again.

SpamAssassin examines each message presented to it, and will assign it a score indicating the likelihood that the email is spam.  SpamAssassin uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify "spam", also known as unsolicited commercial email.  Once identified, the mail can then be optionally tagged as spam for later filtering using the user's own mail user-agent application.

SpamAssassin typically differentiates successfully between spam and
non-spam in between 95% and 100% of cases, depending on what kind of mail you get.  Specifically, SpamAssassin has been shown to produce around 1.5% false negatives (spam that was missed) and around 0.06% false positives (ham incorrectly marked as spam).

Pricing (monthly charges Ex GST)

Bronze – Single Domain with 10 emails (unlimited alias) Silver – 2 Domains with 40 emails (unlimited alias) Gold – 8 Domains with 100 emails (unlimited alias)
$15 $55 $100
*a 10% discount applies for customer who have other services with Loaded.  Please call to enquire about eligibility.
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