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Installation Process

At Loaded we believe that a thorough check-up and vision of your computer system network with a simple and plain English explanation of what needs to be done, puts us leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of our competition.

We follow regimented steps in our total install process. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Needs Assessment

  • Meet with the customer
  • Audit the site

Step 2 Proposal / Recommendation

  • Make recommendations with information from step 1

Step 3 Order

  • Prepare Order and get estimated delivery dates
  • Inform customer of date to be delivered

Step 4 Installation

  • Organise installation date with customer
  • Organise Support staff of installation dates

Step 5 Maintenance

  • Organise appropriate dates (Quarterly Visits) to do any major updates onsite.
  • Organise

We plan all our installations so that when we say we’ll be there, we are and with most of the components already setup and ready to go. We also work closely with you and explain what we are doing and why we are doing these things. A greater understanding of your own network means a greater ability to help solve problems that may occur in the future.

After we have finished our installation, we are only an email/login/phone call away for any issues that may occur. This is where our ongoing support plans come into play. Basically, we relieve you of the network and support burden, and let you focus on managing and running your business.

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