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Web site Consultation
HiSoft offers innovative web site consulting and web business consulting as well. We can help you get the best out of your web site and provide advice on how to develop the site to best expose your products & services and further recommend on how to successfully marketing your product & service effectively to get the maximum returns. 

web site planning to online marketing and publicity strategies


Search Engine Services

Good "search engine friendly design" can help your web pages do better in search engine results. Bad search engine design can cause you to be ranked poorly or not to be listed at all. We can do everything from advising you on design issues to performing actual search engine submissions

Internet Publicity and Promotion

We don't provide a "list your site in 100 search engines and directories"-type service. Our goal as a consultancy is to help you develop a comprehensive strategy to turn your web presence into online and offline publicity. We will identify places that your target audiences frequent online, then partner you with qualified online publicity specialists to handle your internet needs. We will work with your existing PR agencies so they understand how to leverage your web presence in the traditional media, be it radio, TV or print. We will also work with your web design or management company to plan promotions or develop your site to tap into both traditional and online venues of publicity. 

Web Site Conception and Development

Too many web sites begin without basic questions being asked and answered. Who is the target audience? What are the goals the site should achieve? Instead, often all that's specified is that a site have all the multimedia "toys" and graphics to make it look flash. It's a recipe for disaster, causing a company to measure its progress on the web only by "hits" or other terms that may be meaningless. 

We want you on the web with a solid game plan, one that sets up a site to achieve specific goals, so that you can measure success. Working independently or with your web design firm, we'll ask a variety of questions about your operations, the type of marketing materials you already have, and the audiences you already try to reach. We'll suggest new ideas that make sense for the web medium and that will achieve your goals. From this consultation, a plan for building your web site will emerge. As required, it will be detailed in a visual outline of all the pages in your site, as well as a description of each page and how it will be produced. As much as possible, future expansion and needs will be addressed. In short, you will have a blueprint for success.

Web Site Design

Our focus as a web developer is on web site accessibility. Too many designers seem to forget that the bulk of internet users view the web at slow modem speeds. Multimedia is often poorly implemented. Sites often lack flow to direct visitors toward key areas of contact. We will review your site and suggest solutions toward improving accessibility and flow, always with an eye toward achieving your goals. 


Web Site Statistics/Log Analysis

There's absolutely wonderful information about who visits your web site and how they find it. It's recorded in your web site's log files, but analysis of this information often neglected. Some of the log information is crucial for evaluating your online and offline publicity efforts. We will work with your web providers to ensure you are being provided with decent reports based on your logs. We will also work with you to perform in-depth reviews as needed to evaluate success.


Internet Training, Orientation, Conference Speaking

Would you just like someone to speak English rather than "TCP-IP," and fun internet jargon. We are available to bring your staff up to speed on particular topics, or to serve as a translator/bull detector when meeting with internet providers.

Preview of our Documentation on Web Site Consulting or Web Business Consulting

A great many businesses on the Web find difficulty explaining to someone why they should be on the Internet and what is the best way to have a web site, this is in short is web site consulting. We can help you develop a lean, clean Internet machine that will accomplish your purposes. We will look into four major missions companies seek to accomplish on the Internet. With our experience and skill we are able to advice and build your perfect web site.

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