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Personal Web Design and Personal Web Site Design Service

HiSoft offers a complete solution for your personal web design too. Personal web sites are those that are used for personal use only with no non-commercial use, we offer special concession rates to design and develop these sites.

A personal web site might be used to portray a families history, the announcement of a new baby, to display favorite pictures, hobbies and events and so forth.

Personal web sites can be interactive by containing guest books, chat rooms and forums so that your circle of family and friends can stay in touch all in one place.

Consult with a designer for more information about how you can make your personal web site design reflect your very own personality! So what type of personal web design are you looking for? have you decided or not sure about what you need! Let us give you tips of a few features of what you can have.

  • Basic web site design about yourself, friends or family

  • Customized chat room to chat with friends and family

  • Photo gallery to display your photo collection

  • Private Room to have your private photo's or chats

  • Customized Guest book or forum for topics


NOTE:Please request a quotation with details in order to obtain an accurate quotation.

Personal Web Design & Personal Web Site Design

Personal web design and personal web site design service carry a discounted pricing program, as these web sites are for non-commercial use.

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